These are the different types of mantras for Vashikaran. The first type is : Om namo Sarvlok Vashkaraye Kuru Kuru Swaha. This needs to be recited 108 times daily and can be used in relationships which are strained.

The second type of vashikaran mantras used to control people is: Om Dev namo Hraye tha tha Swahe. This needs to be recited on a betel nut and then betel nut kept with you or given to the other person to eat. Keep Vashikaran MahaYantra in front of you in when you are reciting mantra

The third type of vashikaran mantras is to get enemies under your control.This mantra needs to be recited 10000 times and then recite further 108 times on any fruit and then give to your enemies to eat. The mantras are: Om Hareeng Mohini Swaha. Keep Chandra Wajra Gutika in Front of You When you are reciting mantra

This mantra is also used to control enemies.Use 7 red chillies and put them in fire one by one reciting the mantra adding the name of the enemy before swaha. The mantra is: Aum Chimi Chimi Fat Swaha. Repeat this process 7 times for 21 days. Wear Black Rudrkash Rosery in Neck When you are riciting Mantra

The fourth type of vashikaran mantras are used in attracting and controlling relationships. The mantra is as follows: Om namo kamakhaye devoye Amuk me Vshakari Swaha. Recite this mantra 10000 times to control husbands who have gone astray, those who are out of control. Seat up to Vajra Ghushandi Aashan for reciting Mantra

Please note the laws of karma apply to all and these mantras must not be used to do wrong things as it can back fire on you . If used properly then the above mantras are potent and very powerful. If they are done with poojas and yantras made then they become even more powerful. Follow procedures without full processcure you can’t get success in your vashikaran work and if you will not follow procedure then you will get quick side effect of mantra it can harm you…so follow procedure and get quick results.

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