Vashikaran Astrology is for the welfare of humanity and for mankind but now-a-days, hypocrite and selfish people are making using it to harm or to trouble in the jealous feelings. It is the fact of today that in the metaphysical dimension badness is increasing rapidly and humanity is lost in peoples or getting destroyed.

In science there is no effects or existence of voodoo and tantra-mantra and also the Supreme Almighty but, as there is no form or structure of happiness and sorrows but their existence is a great truth and we all can feel them, same as the existence of tantra mantra, ghosts and evil supernatural powers is very much true as the existence of Supreme Power. Only that can knows who bears.

One’s jealous feelings and greediness towards another person ping the first person to do bad with the person whom he is jealous. Due to all this the man has himself become the enemy of humanity. It is the old story that one brother kills another. Values of family going down. Fundamental or Moral duties have lost their importance and existence. Human-being is becoming animal and behaving in the same way. Domestic violence, fighting and quarrel among ladies in house, divorce, suicide disobeying and insulting loving or respected one etc. have become very common these days. All these things has lead to destruction of humanity.

And the only solution to stop this destruction is that the Tantra, Vashikaran and Black magic powers must be used in a positive way that do not make any harm to the welfare of mankind.