Revenge Spell

Revenge Spell

Casting a spell is the easiest and most ideal way to handle any problem and it will definitely help you in many ways.  However, people cast a revenge spell when they have lost hope on any other ways to get justice.  Condition of love and hatred bring changes to your life and on the way you always gets enemies either you are in love or having hatred with some relationship, either you are doing good in your finances or not doing so good there are adversaries all throughout your life.

Whenever you confront something unfair and you do not know the way to get out of it, there can be solution to it by using the revenge spell and this not only will solve your problems but also makes to ready to face the people without being afraid of any circumstances.


For Which Purpose Revenge Spell Is Used


  1. Revenge for legal issues.
  2. Revenge with old enemies.
  3. Revenge to neighbors.
  4. Revenge with unfaithful friends.
  5. Revenge from ex-office colleagues or seniors who had done injustice to you.
  6. Revenge with ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who cheated on you.
  7. Revenge with boyfriend/girlfriend’s friends or family who came in between both of you.


If you have any of these problems or other than above you can call or visit our site to make an appointment with Pandit ji for casting any type of spell.


In general, whenever you had a fight with someone or you feel hurt by some other individual or you feel you have been done something which is not justified you start feeling hatred for that person and when this grows up you want to take revenge from that person and you cannot sleep or will not get satisfied until you take your revenge and for this purpose you go to spell caster who can take revenge on your behalf by casting a Revenge Spell.


There are various methods for casting a spell either by using the objects or material used by the person on which you are going to cast the spell and it can be done remotely by the help of specialist spell caster.  Revenge spell has its own risks and benefits and before you are going to cast a spell you should know them beforehand.


Benefits Of Revenge Spell


  1. By casting revenge spell you can teach the lesson to your enemies.
  2. By Revenge spell you can satisfy yourself for any injustice done to you.
  3. By casting a revenge spell to your ex-love interest you can show them how much you love them.
  4. By these spells you can control the minds of your opponents.
  5. By revenge spell you can take revenge from anyone who has harmed in any way either physically or emotionally.


Risks Of Revenge Spells


  1. You should know what you are doing and why you are doing so, a wrong spell can make you feel guilty all your life.
  2. A wrong spell can effect yourself if it is not performed appropriately.
  3. A wrong spell can harm your near and dear one also whom you love if not done accurately.
  4. If your intention of casting a spell is not good it can reversely effect you.
  5. Whenever you cast a spell, you will immediately feel the change come immediately into your life and it can be negative sometimes if not done by a specialist.

In this constantly changing universe, instead of fighting look out what you want to change and contact Pandit ji if you want to cast a revenge spell for this change.


There are many methods to cast a revenge spells, you can use them but the only way they can performed with perfection is with the help of specialist in this vidhi otherwise it can have negative impact on you or your near or dear ones.  The following method is for someone whom you hate extremely and who has caused pain to you and you want to take revenge of this by giving pain to him/her which you have felt.


For performing a revenge spell you need following things:


Any object, ornament, or material that the person who you want to perform the revenge spell on uses, packets of laungs, black thread and black cloth, nails, and some tools for digging.  You may also need some burnt ashes and burnt oils.


This type of procedure must be started on Friday and by writing the name of person you want to cast the spell on put it in some brass utensil and put candle over this and put some laungs and then cover it with black cloth and wind the black thread so that it cannot be opened and now take loudly the name of person you want to teach the lesson and hit the wrapped material and then using the hammer pierce the nail into it and hit it hard so that it passes through the wrapped material.  Perform the same vidhi for 13 days and on the 13th day put the wrapped material in a big hole under the ground.  You should take care after putting the whole material inside the dig you should cover this with burnt ashes and dirt and never look back at it.  Looking back can harm yourself.  You will feel the change in the behavior of the said person and you will see that your revenge is slowly taking shape to teach the person some lesson for life and satisfy you and keep you at peace.


By saying all this, it should be taken care if you do not feel that this method is helping you anyway then there may be some fault in your technique and may be some samagri is missing and for that reason should go to a person who can cast the revenge spell and knows all the techniques and methods of casting a spell.  You can contact our Pandit ji at the given number or site and you can fix an appointment with him.  He is ready to help and serve you 24 x 7.


Call Pandit Ji for any kind of help regarding the casting of any spell and get rid of your problems and live your life happily forever.


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